Types of Online Slot Games That You Should Know

Posted on / Anna Jensen

Playing online slot games is really fun. However, if you do not know the characteristics of the slot game that you are playing, you cannot devise the suitable strategies for them. Therefore, knowing the types of slots is important. Here are some types of online slot games that you should know!

Types of Online Slot Games That You Should Know

Types of Online Slot Games That You Should Know

Types of Online Slot Games That You Should Know

The Three-reel and Five-Reel Classic Slots

This is the oldest kind of slot games. The online casinos include this old-but-gold slots which were very popular in their era. In fact, they are still popular up to now. The most noticeable characteristic of the classic slots is its simplicity. The real classic slots in land-based casinos only have three reels. However, after they have been included in online casinos’ collections, the five-reel slots were created. Both versions have only a few pay lines and only a few of them have bonus rounds. Furthermore, due to the number of the pay lines, the three-reel ones pay much better than the five-reel slots.

The Fruit Machines Slots

They are very similar to classic slots. As the name suggests, they use fruit icons as the symbols or stops. They usually have three reels and only one pay line. However, the developers have created the five-reel version and also include bonus rounds in them. Some fruit machines slots allow players to hold or nudge the reels to increase their like likelihood of winning prizes.

The Video Slots

The video slots are the ones most commonly played in online casinos. They have five reels and numerous pay lines, which range from ten up to 100. They have various themes and amazing visual effects. You can enjoy immersive betting experiences due to the quality of the graphics, animations, and sound effects. The 3D slots are the developed version of video slots. In video slots, you can enjoy various features such as free spins and additional bonus rounds due to its ability to change the screen.

The 243 Pay Lines Slots

This is also the evolution of the video slots. Offering 243 pay lines, you can get bigger chances of winning big prizes. However, you should also be prepared to cover the bet size which is of course significantly more expensive. Don’t worry though! Usually, you can select the number of the active pay lines. Moreover, you can enjoy the free spins and bonus rounds too.

The Mega Spins Slots

Most mega spins slots have three reels, but you can also find the ones having five reels as well. The best feature of mega spins slots is that you can find three or nine slot games at the same time. Thus, you play on 45 pay lines at the maximum. This kind of slots will give you more chances of winning several big prizes at the same time.

The Progressive Slots

This kind of slots has a very big jackpot. The reason is that various slot machines are connected to form a network. A small portion of each bet is collected and accumulated as the jackpot. Thus, the amount of the jackpot keeps on growing until someone wins it. Hence, you can get a life-changing amount of cash by winning the slots.

Those are the types of online slot games that you should know. By knowing these types of slots, you can also understand the characteristics of the slot games. You can also know which slot games are most suitable for you. Hence, you can win a very big amount of cash through online betting!