Most Exciting Live Casino Games to Play

Posted on / Anna Jensen

Live casino is the answer for you to keep playing at trusted live casino with exciting games and experiencing the casino sensation without really going to the land-based one. The games are also varied. Here are most exciting live casino games to play that you can choose.

Most Exciting Live Casino Games to Play

Most Exciting Live Casino Games to Play

Most Exciting Live Casino Games to Play

  • Baccarat

Feel the excitement of choosing hands in rapid time in baccarat game. The easy game that does not need certain strategy or counting, will definitely be an easy game for you. That’s why this game is so perfect to be played in live casino version. You can enjoy the casino atmosphere and having a conversation with the attractive dealer while playing the game.

What you need to do is just choose which hand, banker’s or player’s, that has the bigger value card. You can also make the tie bet if you feel that the cards are equal. Furthermore, many developers have more than one table of baccarat game with different versions or types that you can enjoy.

  • Roulette

This game is really challenging your luck. Just see the ball rolls in the wheel that will determine your win is so exciting. However, this game will not be so exciting if you play it alone. It will be merrier if you play it in live casino version with some other bettors. The reason is simple; you can watch other bettors lose one by one as the ball pass their position of bet.

Just pick one of roulette table that you want and start to play with other bettors and feel the sensation. The best thing is you do not have to push in the crowd such as in land-based casino. There are also many tables that you can choose and many kinds of roulette games such as European or American version.

  • Sic Bo

This game is really popular in live version of online casino games. Why? Because you will feel more satisfied when you can see the dices are shaken by the dealer in live, in front of you; rather than play the game version that is conducted by computer. You may feel that the computer is programmed to make you lose all the time. However, such kind of thought will never happen in live-casino because you can see it by yourself. All will be determined by your own luck.

  • Multi Table

This one is the game that you never can do in the land-based casino. You can play several games at once by choosing this game. You can play baccarat, sic bo, and roulette at the same time. Of course you need a good time-management to play this kind of game, but you will feel the rush and adrenaline to move from one game to other game. Then when you win all of the game you will feel the doubled even tripled excitement.

Which one from most exciting live casino games to play from the best casino online providers that you will choose? Whatever the game is, the most important thing that you should have is some fun. Then, the jackpot will be yours. Happy betting!