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How and Best Online Casinos to Play 7 Up Baccarat

Posted on / Anna Jensen

Baccarat is a popular card game at online casinos. Because of its popularity, Malaysia online casino have developed 7 up Baccarat variant that features a new exciting way to play the game. If you’re interested in playing this unique variation, here’s a guide on how and best online casinos to play 7 up baccarat.

How and Best Online Casinos to Play 7 Up Baccarat

How and Best Online Casinos to Play 7 Up Baccarat

How and Best Online Casinos to Play 7 Up Baccarat

Changes in the Gameplay

The first change you’ll notice at 7 up baccarat is the huge number 7 on the player hand’s side. This signifies that the first card dealt to Player hand is always a 7. After the players finished placing their wagers, the dealer will distribute a single card to complete the Player hand.

Banker’s hand remained the same as the normal Baccarat game. Dealt with two cards faced up from the continuously shuffled standard deck of 52 cards.

Now, with both Player and Banker’s hand on the table, drawing rules in 7 up baccarat follows the same rules under regular Baccarat. In short, the rules to determine if a Player and Banker hand must draw a third card is the same.


The next change on the game is the payouts. On standard baccarat the payout for winning a bet on Player and Banker are even money and less than commission for winning the Banker bet. However, in 7 up baccarat, the payout for winning a Player bet is bigger; except on 7 totals which has reduced payout of 1 to 2 rate.

Meanwhile, winning on Banker bets pay out even money for all except 7 totals, which gives a payout rate of 9 to 5. In case both the Player and Banker’s hand have the same outcome, tie will result into a “Push” then all bets are returned.

Players may also place their bets on Tie, and winning payout from it is at 7 to 1 – except for 7 totals which pays 9 to 1.

Super 7 Side Bet

Lastly, players can place extra wagers on the Super 7 side bet, which has a payout rate based on the amount of sevens shared between the two hands, including the printed 7 on the player side. Here’s a breakdown of the payouts for Super 7 side bet for the number of sevens: Six 700 to 1, Five 70 to 1, Four 17 to 1, Three 5 to 1, Two 2 to 1 and One the bet loss.

Best Place to Play 7 Up Baccarat Variant

As mentioned above, when it comes to the best collection of casino games, the leading live casino in Malaysia is you best value. Besides this baccarat variant you can also play Super 98 Baccarat, Multi-Game Baccarat, VIP Baccarat and more. Malaysia casino ensures that you will enjoy every variation they offer.


Now you know how and best online casinos to play 7 up baccarat. Games like these offer new exciting feature of your favorite casino games. Come try it now at the Malaysia casino site.

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