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Effective Ways to Win the Heart of the Jungle

Posted on / Anna Jensen

Online slot games have become more and more popular since they offer numerous slot types, and reward. Besides, they come with different themes and stories to enrich your gaming experience. One of the most popular slot games is Heart of the Jungle and there are several effective ways to win the Heart of the Jungle.

Heart of the Jungle is an online slot game by PlayTech, the reputable online slot game provider.  This online slot game is a video slot type with 5 reels to play with. In the Heart of the Jungle, you will be brought to the exciting story of Tarzan and you will find numerous characters, such as leopard, elephant, chimp, parrot, and another female character. Another best thing about this game is the high definition graphics and sound effect will make you experience the game to the fullest.

Effective Ways to Win the Heart of the Jungle

Effective Ways to Win the Heart of the Jungle

Effective Ways to Win the Heart of the Jungle

Understanding the Paylines

If you intend to win the Heart of the Jungle, you need to understand the paylines first before placing your bet. There are 50 different paylines from right to left with horizontal and vertical lines. The paylines here means that the symbols combinations that you can make to trigger the bonus round or to win the game itself.

Making the Bet

After you have known the paylines, the next important thing to do is to make the bet. Since it has 5 reels and 50 paylines, you are suggested to make more than 1 bet in different paylines. The number of bet you place will determine your chance to trigger the bonus round. It means the more bet you make the greater chance to win you will get.

Symbol Combinations

The next important thing to understand is to form the symbol combinations. There are several additional symbols to combine, such as wild, achievement extra, Jungle Trail Free Spins, stacked symbol, and scatter.

The symbol combinations here will bring you to the bonus round that will make your payout even bigger. Those symbols have different types of bonus rounds that you can acquire and they have different payout that you will get later on.

Define Your Bankroll

The last thing to win this Heart of the Jungle is to define your bankroll before making the bet. Since this game has 50 different paylines, you are suggested to make different bets. Remember that you cannot win in this game in one sitting and you cannot predict the outcome.

Bankroll management is important to define the amount of money you can lose before winning the game itself. The amount of bankroll here is important to be able to play this game several times. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the bankroll so that you won’t suffer and lose in playing this game.

After you have understood the effective ways to win the Heart of the Jungle, you need to bring those knowledges into practice. If you are interested, you can find the best Heart of the Jungle game in qq288, the best online casino in Malaysia and Asia.

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