Buffalo Blitz Slot Review and Where to Play

Posted on / Anna Jensen

Are you a fan of an adrenaline-pumping game? Then, you should play Buffalo Blitz slot game. It will bring you to the wild atmosphere where you can meet wild and exotic animals such as bull, bear, and lynx cat. To make sure, here is Buffalo Blitz Slot review and where to play.

Buffalo Blitz Slot Review and Where to Play

Buffalo Blitz Slot Review and Where to Play

Buffalo Blitz Slot Review and Where to Play

  • Is Buffalo Blitz Worth It?

Buffalo Blitz, a slot game published by Playtech, is one of the best slot game online. Taking their set in African Wilderness, this game looks appealing even among competitors with similar undertones. There are several selling point Buffalo Blitz has, such as:

  • Simple Design

Even though their thumbnail armed with heavy graphics, the game itself actually appeared very modestly. Behind their translucent reels is a beautiful background of African Savannah spreading out to horizon along with purple sunset. The game itself still use card symbols in the reels, but individual symbols like bull, bear, moose, lynx, raccoon, and buffalo are all drawn beautifully. This game definitely feels light and not heavy on the eye.

  • Convenient Features

Not only excelling in design, Buffalo Blitz also offers features of online slot to level up bettors’ convenience in gaming. The first one is ‘Auto Spin’, a feature only quality games offers. This feature automatically spins every round after the bettor set their bet per line. The other one is ‘Turbo Mode’ that allow bettors to cut time by fast-forwarding the spinning process. With these features, any bettor can play while multitasking without wasting too much time.

  • Big Range of Payline

Since there are many symbols in this game, the payline also varies greatly. Of course, the card symbols have smaller payout, but this doesn’t stop bettors to win more. In fact, they give out small yet fluid wins to all bettors who play this game. That means everyone will profit even with the smallest win.

  • Endless Bonuses

The bonuses Buffalo Blitz gives out are simple. There are only free spins (triggered by scatter symbols) and multipliers (triggered by wild symbols). What’s fun about them is the fact that they are retriggered. In fact, you can even get a free spin in a free spin round. If you happen to get them in rows, the game will go on and on indefinitely.

  • Where should You Play?

Now that you know Buffalo Blitz’ selling point, get to know where is the best play to play it. QQ808 and QQ882 is your best bet. They offer many deals in exchange of membership. With the deals, bettors can easily earn much more than just betting alone. Plus, bettors are free to choose what deals they want and will be granted VIP level if they play loyally. They also have apps for smartphones and PC to enhance your mobile gambling experience.

After reading Buffalo Blitz Slot review and where to play, what are you going to do now? Start with registering yourself in QQ808 or QQ882 and you will get a great adventure with African forest atmosphere. Have some fun and happy betting!