Biggest Losers in the History of Casino Roulette

Posted on / Anna Jensen

Playing casino games is exciting experience. Beside strategy, luck is another important attribute in playing casino. We have heard there are many gamblers who possess lucky and get big prizes. At the same time, lucky was not on their side and get big losses. We will tell you the five biggest losers in the history of casino roulette.

Biggest Losers in the History of Casino Roulette

Biggest Losers in the History of Casino Roulette

Biggest Losers in the History of Casino Roulette

The Quickest Loser

A well-known king of media in United Kingdom, Robert Maxwell, lost about 1.75 to 2 million dollar America after he played for two minute. He gambled 1.75 million on multiple roulette table wheels. Obviously, he could not seize the win and this is not his lucky day. Ironically, he was sentenced of pension fraud several years later.

The Miserly Billionaire

A video entertainment tycoon, Joe Francis, lost around 18 to 20 million US dollar. However, there is a funny moment when Joe Francis disagreed to pay his lost. It occurs because he assume that the casino put him with big debt intentionally. Regardless his video entertainment tycoon status, the net day, the casino sued him and ask the Courtney to double his debt with a more complex situation which created him lost his attempt to conceal his lost. Finally, the casino gave interesting discount for him. But, it did not mean that it was a 100 free discount. The casino cut 20 million US dollar from the total 40 dollar. It means that the video entertainment tycoon should pay 20 million in debt.

Greek Millionaire

In 1994, Greek car industry tycoon, Frank Sarakakis, lost 8 million US dollar when he played table casino game, Roulette. It was not his lucky time even though he assumed that he would win the game. Then, he doubled up the bet to try his luck in case he got big wins instead quit from the table. Unfortunately, he lost and quit the game. The total debt was 10 million US dollar.

Australian Millionaire

Australian multi-millionaire in media and publishing industry, Kerry packer lost 14 million US Dollar when he was on vacation in London, United Kingdom. He lost his money on a few roulette spins and it happened less than six spins. Fortunately, he decided to quit from the table. Of course, it was a good move to avoid losing a certain of money.

Great Losing Steps

Faoud-al-Zayat, a Syrian casino player, lost 2.5 million US dollar as the total number. He began losing some amount and continued playing the game that regard as a rare movement in roulette table game. 550.000 US dollar is his loss at the beginning, and he continued to play roulette again and again regardless the number of losing. Finally, the casino asked authority court to freeze his assets after they found his debt in 2.5 million US Dollar in many casinos. However, Faoud Zayat has gain its legendary status among gamblers in London.

Online casino game is full of sweet and bitter stories. Get the moral value from the five biggest losers in the history of casino roulette and you will get easiest online gambling win from the best casino site in Malaysia.