5 Best Promotions of the Best Malaysia Casino

Posted on / Anna Jensen

Ever since the online casino sites has been developed, not only people switch to it but also the brick-and-mortar casino has moved up to being online. There’s a lot of perks on playing at the best Malaysia casino, one of those is the rewards that doesn’t stop on welcome and referral bonus. Without further ado, here at the 5 best promotions of the best Malaysia casino you should never miss.

5 Best Promotions of the Best Malaysia Casino

5 Best Promotions of the Best Malaysia Casino

5 Best Promotions of the Best Malaysia Casino

Lucky Draw

Lucky Draw is a reward where the online Malaysia casino randomly draws a voucher that is submitted by their customers. Every lucky draw is made once a week, usually every Tuesday. Additionally, the online Malaysia casino picks 3 players who will win the special event. If you’re wondering how to join this promo, the steps are written on their promo page.

Since there’s and upcoming event: Chinese New Year. All players can expect a special promotion. Lucky draw is no exception to that event. Now there is special lucky draw, where the reward point given is bigger than the regular, and there is extra 30 members to be drawn.

E-Month Special Promo

For all the slot games player, do not worry you also have special promotions. One of the best for online slot players is the E-Month Special Promo. Applies to all slot products except non-slot games, it is automatically added to your wallet. All members can get up to MYR 8000 on this promotion. Just like any promotion, read the terms and conditions before joining. If there is any misuse of this promo, the casino has the right to cancel your bonus, remember that.

Free VIP Level Upgrade for Loyal Members

Even after becoming a regular member, the bonuses doesn’t stop. For being a loyal player at the online Malaysia casino, you are entitled to join the FREE VIP LEVEL promotion. Here every member who has been playing for a long time can enjoy the benefits of being a VIP member. For playing 3 straight months, every regular member who joined the promo will be upgraded to Bronze VIP. Continuously playing for 6 months, another upgrade to one level. And lastly, for 12 months continuously playing is another one level upgrade.

Free Bets for New Members

If you plan to join, it is better if you do it now. Why? Because you might miss on special promotions such as the FREE BET for all new member. Free bet promotion is so easy to claim. A new member must have a valid phone number registered to their accounts. Simply verify your phone number using the method online casino provides. After that the free bet reward will be automatically added to your account.

Special Extra Bonus 200%

Definitely one of the biggest promo here is the Special Extra Bonus 200%. A bonus like this is limited, meaning you must join it before it expires. Every new member may have up to MYR 15,000 bonus! This is really big if you compare to all the promotion above.


Those are the 5 best promotions of the best Malaysia casino. It’s the reason to join the top mobile casino site, since you have come this far, come and join and experience it yourself.